Offshore company formation to minimise, and, where possible, eliminate your tax liabilities.
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 Offshore company formation
Offshore company formation
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Professional Advice on Offshore Companies

Forming and operating an offshore company through an offshore jurisdiction may seem complicated and expensive, not to mention time consuming.

But it doesn't have to be - and the benefits can quickly repay the relatively small costs involved.

At Estelle-Alan International Associates Limited we have personal experience of offshore company formation, so that the company only pays an annual fee in the country where the company is incorporated, and does not pay local taxes - or taxes in the UK.

Guiding you through the Process

To form your company offshore, you will need to register an offshore company in the country most appropriate for you. We can help you find the right country and arrange for the registration of incorporation, with the necessary paperwork.

After registering your company to operate abroad, you will also need to take professional accounting advice to ensure that if you bring any monies into the country, you pay the correct tax - but overall you will minimize any taxes paid on the profits of your company. Again, we can provide you with advice on this.

Contact us to start minimizing your tax burden through an offshore company.

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